What times and days will you raid?

21:00 - 00:00 CET GMT+1 (8-11pm UK TIME)
Wed/Thur/Mon - Monday might not be required if content is cleared quickly.

Who are we & what can we offer?

Exercitum is a long standing guild that was established in 2005 and we are now looking to form in WoW: Classic. We are open for everyone but primarily cater towards for the older players that want to enjoy the game to the full without sacrificing family and other commitments to do so which is reflected with our later raid times compared to most guilds.

How and who can join Exer?

Just join our discord and someone will message you. All are welcome but raid spots are limited. Invite your friends. All we ask is that they are 18+ with a mature mindset and know how to enjoy themselves.

Join Discord.

What faction will we be?

Alliance. As Exer was alliance at the beginning of it's journey we feel that we will get the full nostalgic effect going back to our roots is the right thing to do.

PvP or PvE Server?

PvP. We feel that world PvP is in the true spirit of the game and playing on a PvE server goes against that.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this drivel. Hope to hear from you soon.